Thursday, January 05, 2006

Remote Support Software

There are a lot of software companies out there (on the internet that is ) that have on-demand remote pc control PC software for online remote desktop support available. I mean there are tons. There's everything from the hi-end webexes to free stuff that takes a little more work and know how to get going but are usable.
There are also the tried and true types like pc-anywhere for remote PC support on-demand that were all familiar with. At least those of us that are in the computer business in one way or another. The VNC flavors that are mostly free and have been around for ages. VNC though has been a good useful tool for many years and for thousands of companies and it still does the job. Plus it has a very small footprint and is very versatile.
The remote support software industry is just booming. Remote controlling computers over the internet seems to be the thing. A very useful thing. Especially when the tech person doesn't have too much to get the remote system under there control.

I'll have more on the next post . . .the baby is crying and I have to give the wife a hand and take this "call" .


Anonymous said...

The on demand
remote support
industry is growing at a rapid pace. It's definately in the billions. I looked real quick to find some numbers on it's size and growth. Maybe your next psot could have some figures.

Online PC Remote Support Software said...

Your right. I could list off the top of my head about 11 different vendors of online pc remote support software. I believe the market is big enough and growing at a rate that's fast enough to sustain all of the remote support software vendores. Every computer will need to be supported at one time or another. The smarter tech or organization employing the tech will always look to do it less expensively. That is where online remote support software come into play.

Remote Support Software said...

Remote Support Software

My company uses software for remote support on a daily basis to access customer computers over the web. It has made our jobs easier to a large extant as we are able to reach more requests for assistance per day. We used to have to travel to each location or talk users through multple windows or command line efforts to solve the problem. That has lessened to a large degree. Now we use desktop remote control software over the web. Supporting users anywhere has become much more easier and effecient.