Friday, March 31, 2006

BGP on 3825 Routers.

I just encountered an opportunity to configure BGP on a couple of Cisco 3825 routers for a potential customer. They are getting two routers and two service providers and just inquired if we do that sort of work. We/I have not but would really like to do it. Our reply was just that. Text book and lab experience but we are very willing to do it for them and we'll discount the labot cost. I have already voluteered for this job and hope to get it. On-demand Remote desktop control over the web for remote tech support . - Your Computer Technical Support & Resource Headquarters!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cisco 2811 Branch Router Install - Remote & On-site Support

This project for the bank is a small piece of a larger project and its scope is straight forward and fairly simple. The bank is a very good long-standing customer and has confidence in our company as I have installed other Cisco gear for them flawlessly. The next attempt at installing this new equipment must be successful to sustain their level of confidence in us. The problem we've encountered with installing this particular branch router seems to be an unusual one as TAC is also, at this point, stumped for a solution.

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On-demand PC Remote Control

An aging 2600 series branch router is to be replaced by a more robust and sophisticated multiservice 2811XM router. This branch, as all others, has frame-relay as it's method for wide area connectivity back to the bank's core data center. The branch differs from the others in a single important regard. The difference is that not only does it perform normal banking transactions but it also has an the added role of being a DR site for the meshed frame network. It therefore has additional frame-relay configuration parameters that are not found on the bank's "regular" branch routers. The configuration of the router is a copy of the current 2600. Except for interface enumeration, i.e. Serial 0 on the old compared with Serial 0/0/0 on the new, they are configured near exactly the same. The duplicity of the configuration can especially be seen, and has been re-examined numerous times even by TAC for accuracy and completeness, in the frame-relay and routing protocol sections of the configuration.

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The first attempt at installing the router was on the March 15th. With router preparation having been completed at our company's pre-installation staging and lab area prior to the 15th, the next step was to go on-site as scheduled. Accompanied by a senior member of the bank's IT staff, the new branch router was promptly cut-over at 5:00PM. After the router booted and communication test to the core and other branches were performed it was discovered that the router, although functioning with respect to communicating with the other sites, was doing so through the wrong frame-relay path. The slower backup frame-network on the second sub-interface was being used instead of the intended primary interface.

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It was determined that the wrong path was in use using basic tools, like trace route, ping and some router commands. Attempts to remedy were unsuccessful and included: re-loading, power cycles, shutting the second sub-interface to force the data path to the primary PVC, re-comparing the configurations removing and re-adding security related entries in the configuration. To be certain that I had not discovered a pre-existing problem with frame network, the old 2600 router was put temporarily back in again to see if it too would only use the back-up PVC. It did not - it used the primary PVC as expected. The 2600 series was removed again and the 2811 was re-connected but without success as all efforts did not return the desired results. TAC was not involved at this point and not until the next day were they contacted. The time window in which to get the new router installed was only an hour. With time having expired the original 2600 was put back into service. The 2811 was removed and returned back to our company's lab and staging area.

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A case was opened with TAC and I described accurately the situation and provided them with information as they requested and included IOS version numbers, results of IOS commands, etc.. The only thing I could not provide was active frame-relay statistics because the router was not connected to the bank's network. TAC could not find anything wrong with the configuration. Between communications with TAC, I connected the router with another 3825 in a standard frame-relay LAB configuration. The 3825 was configured as the frame-relay switch and DCE. After completing that configuration, the primary PVC came right up on the 2811 and I was able to ping across the simulated frame-relay network to the 3825. NO CHANGES were done on the 2811. TAC said to call the carrier to verify the frame-relay switch type and they could not help any further unless I was on-site and connected to the bank's network. They only offered at this pint as a solution to change the LMI type and the encapsulation type. The next install day was scheduled for March 30th.
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Accompanied again by a member of the bank's IT staff, the router was cut-over after 5:00PM on the 30th. It loaded and operated the same as the week before by using the backup frame-relay and not the primary. I tried the few recommended TAC solutions but they did not yield the desired effect. I added a little attempt of my own by removing the modules that were not yet needed by the bank such as the BRI and the 4 port FXS and restarting (a hale Mary pass?...perhaps). While in transit to the location of the branch, I contacted TAC to have them on the line while on site. They asked for some status data which I sent. The time window for installation was again a small one so the 2600 was put back into service. I still have that case open with TAC and continued working with them today. There is no resolution as of yet. Othe post of Cisco networking gear could be found at Computer Networking News & Reviews and at this location, Evolution of Technology & Support.

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So at this point I'm going to attemopt to escalate the problem higher in the TAC food chain. This in hopes of getting some people involved that could really address this problem properly as it's cause is not easily explainable and out of the range first level support personel.

I'll post more when it happens.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Information Technology Support - Adventure (Rated PG)

Current project is a little different from the last large one I had the consisted mostly of desktop rollout. This one involves cisco gear and is more interesting but also more chellenging.

RE: 603175435 2811 / FXS, Not seeing ports, need to make sure that IOS and Config is correct

I'm choosing this image.
I have a ISDN Bri module in the router too. Is this IOS ok?
I remember in the past the IOS was selected by cisco. I don't want to choose another IOS just to have to upgrade again later. Let me know if the one I have selected is ok or pick one for me please. Alot of time is being wasted here. If the right IOS was chosen the first time there wouldn't be this problem right now.

As I told you in my previous mail , as you are not able to see the WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 card with the new IOS image (Feature set: IP VOICE) try downloading the IOS image having feature set advanced IP services.This feature set is the combination of advsecurity and ipvoice.

The link to download the IOS image is given below:

Hope this helps you in resolving the issue:

Thanks for all your time and patience, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Cisco Systems, Inc.

3 new dell systems to go.

There are three new systems still in boxes left to be rolled out. The hold up? Other network and computer support requests happening whenever I'm on site. It seems all the "little" problems get piled up and they await my return to solve them all. The result, I don't work on the project.
Even wehn I'm not on site I get calls. They are in need it seems of an hired IT person to handle their computer problems.

Remote Support Software

Remote Support Software

Computer remote control over the internet. Access desktops anywhere on the web to provide online remote control support. PC anywhere is one of the best and well know remote control software packages. it's been around for so many years. I and all other people that I know in the computer support industry have used version sicne it's inception during hte dos era. With carbon copy as it symantec's prime competetor back then it was some battle for control of pc remote control (no pun intended).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

5 Desktop Systems Still in Boxes to Deploy

I have 5 dell systems in boxes still left to be setup and deployed. Of the 32 original, these are going to be the worst since the desktops they are replacing each had some special software on them.

I have a mcafee problem to resolve. The mcafee epo agent comes up with some error and doesn't install on the new system. It might have something to do with the new systems having been shipped with a macafee security package pre-installed. I unistalled the other version before installing the corporate version but there is still a problem. I also found out the server side isn't running. either. This will be an all day project to fix both of these problems. I may be able to resolve the problem remotely on the web using some on-demand remote support software. For this office, remote support is always a first option to try and resolve computer issues. Since they are located in the city it's a long haul just to get there.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Computer Desktop USB cd-rom read write and DVD external drive


This is a link to an external USB CD-ROM Read/write DVD combo drive for the desktop computers to use if required.

Computer Desktop Monitor

Mary, this is link to a computer monitor. This is a 15" computer screen.

RE: MS Access Software for exam room computers

Hi Olga,
I got to the doctors computer and looked at the program and it's shortcut.
It's PVM.
It's just a shortcut to an access database on a server. It was no problem - I put the shortcut on the desktops of the computers that needed the access to it.

Subject: Re: MS Access Software for exam rooms

I've read your email finally. The explanation of the program you gave confused me a little bit. There are few possible things Dr. Yaffe might mention to you, but not the program you described. This one is on the server, it is scheduled to run automatically every 5 min or 40 min (different programs), and there is no shortcut or something else on his comp for such applications. I have an idea what he may want to have on other comps, but I would like to speak to you directly. Can I call you Monday afternoon?


Hi Olga,

There's some software, an ms access database with ms access front end, that Dr. Yaffe has on one of his computers and would like to have it on other systems.
He says you put it together and since you've done a bunch of custom type apps here I'll try to descibe it so you know which on it is. This app permits the Dr to see/get information from the patients from a form on the web server. They enter a description of their problem before coming in for a scheduled visit. These notes are then used by the doctor in the office when the patient comes in. Then he does something to trigger the information the patient entered plus information he enters during the visit into Logician.

I need listed what needs to be done to make this work on another system. I'd prefer to have the information come directly from you. I will be somewhat disecting the application to see how it starts, runs, and communicates. This method will take longer but I think it's do-able.

A may be a matter of just creating a shortcut to an remote access database located on a server share somewhere. If this is the case let me know so could same time setting it up on other stations.

Frontpage wasn't installed on your new computer because the installation software wasn't found anywhere. The MS version that's on the server does not include FrontPage. pc remote control for support on the web

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