Friday, March 03, 2006

RE: MS Access Software for exam room computers

Hi Olga,
I got to the doctors computer and looked at the program and it's shortcut.
It's PVM.
It's just a shortcut to an access database on a server. It was no problem - I put the shortcut on the desktops of the computers that needed the access to it.

Subject: Re: MS Access Software for exam rooms

I've read your email finally. The explanation of the program you gave confused me a little bit. There are few possible things Dr. Yaffe might mention to you, but not the program you described. This one is on the server, it is scheduled to run automatically every 5 min or 40 min (different programs), and there is no shortcut or something else on his comp for such applications. I have an idea what he may want to have on other comps, but I would like to speak to you directly. Can I call you Monday afternoon?


Hi Olga,

There's some software, an ms access database with ms access front end, that Dr. Yaffe has on one of his computers and would like to have it on other systems.
He says you put it together and since you've done a bunch of custom type apps here I'll try to descibe it so you know which on it is. This app permits the Dr to see/get information from the patients from a form on the web server. They enter a description of their problem before coming in for a scheduled visit. These notes are then used by the doctor in the office when the patient comes in. Then he does something to trigger the information the patient entered plus information he enters during the visit into Logician.

I need listed what needs to be done to make this work on another system. I'd prefer to have the information come directly from you. I will be somewhat disecting the application to see how it starts, runs, and communicates. This method will take longer but I think it's do-able.

A may be a matter of just creating a shortcut to an remote access database located on a server share somewhere. If this is the case let me know so could same time setting it up on other stations.

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