Saturday, August 12, 2006

Supporting tech-nol-o-gy. Yep, that's a computer alright. - Powered By Bloglines

Supporting tech-nol-o-gy. Yep, that's a computer alright. - Powered By Bloglines

This blog site I found is kind of interesting enough.

It has several good tips on performing some not so common task on desktops, servers and routers. The person who writes on this page definately is from the computer, network, and server support world. He performs a wide range of support tasks and not just narrowed to a spcific catagory of support. Some real experiences posted. It's not a bad b-loggin site. There are even a couple of decent tipes on eqipment he's used including a couple that kind of say avaoid if possible. He has even posted some good tip on or for online Remote support software for computer remote support. I'm going to be trying out the solution or service recommended by the author.


Jack Walsh said...

Hey, I looked at the site you recommended in your post and it was pretty good. The guy is a tech but does have a knack for writing. He supports computers, networks, all kinds of computer desktop and server peripheral devices. The author really does a lot with the technical support Field. I even saw a post about leased lines like T1 circuits and Cisco routers.

Anonymous said...

The software for computer support worked well for me. It's definitely one of the best priced remote support software solution . Logging has been added, you can remote control and support as many computers as you need to and there's no charges if you have to change the computer you're providing remote desktop support from. There's no session counting or computer counting. You can even remote control multiple computers at the same time.