Thursday, February 02, 2006

Packeteer Bandwidth Usage Report

Well the packateer packetshaper reports went out to the customer. They reviewed it and although I thought they would understand most of it, they wanted to meet to go over it.  This is the first report I ddid that would require a meeting with the custoemr afterwards to explain it.  Also, my company is looking to pitch MPLS and this report was to be used as evidence that they need to get it for better voice over Ip quality.  I don't harly disagree wbut we're the ones that told them to go with the setup they have now that's not working.
The meeting did go ok though.  I explained what I found and they underrstood. They did however request another view of the data which I can't get through the GUI and have to find the caommand line version to get it.
If you need a bandwidth report example or sample there's one here: . Modify it and add your images. The verbage in the report is decent and fairly general enough to get you going to a full report of your own.  

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