Monday, February 20, 2006

Packetshaper reports

Reviewed the packshaper reports I created with the customer. They couldn't believe the amount of peeks they had for inbound traffic. I have to say that they were practically flatlined. They asked for an hourly report to see what a day looks like rather than a condenced report that spans over two weeks. That was no problem to generate since I already have it in Microsoft Excel format. They also asked for reports from their internet provider. We have those too. Another meeting is set for the first week of March. my company is trying to sell them MPLS for their inter-office networking and VoIP. Along iwth the MPLS servioce were trying to sell them the routers for the new service and provide monitoring. We already have a contract for onsite and remote support for their telephony system. Were able to make configuration changes to their phone system configuration by using PC Anywhere as the remote pc control software I installed on one of their systems. We connect to the remote computer which has the phone system software running on it and make our changes.

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Anonymous said...

what happened to the post that contained a sample report? I thought there was an actual report that was generated from the packeteer packet shaper displayed as part of one of the posts. I remember it because i used it as template for one of the reports I had to do.
I hope you put it back on line.