Saturday, March 04, 2006

5 Desktop Systems Still in Boxes to Deploy

I have 5 dell systems in boxes still left to be setup and deployed. Of the 32 original, these are going to be the worst since the desktops they are replacing each had some special software on them.

I have a mcafee problem to resolve. The mcafee epo agent comes up with some error and doesn't install on the new system. It might have something to do with the new systems having been shipped with a macafee security package pre-installed. I unistalled the other version before installing the corporate version but there is still a problem. I also found out the server side isn't running. either. This will be an all day project to fix both of these problems. I may be able to resolve the problem remotely on the web using some on-demand remote support software. For this office, remote support is always a first option to try and resolve computer issues. Since they are located in the city it's a long haul just to get there.

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