Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Netvanta Desktop or Rack Mount Chassis Router

Netvanta Desktop or rack mount chassis Router

Netvanta 3200 Series router is a very versatile and feature rich device for networking both poin-to-point type connections between offices and for internet gateways. The model comes in both desktop and rackmount flavors. The current release of their software is 12.x. Almost all common or general configuring can be done from the GUI which is browser based. With version 12 QoS could be configured using a wizard. If you prefer command line their OS is ver similar to Cisco's IOS. That feature was an intelligent design for ADTRAN to commit to as the learning curve to maneuver around on the unit if the GUI is inaccesable is very small. The unit can be accessed remotely for remote configuration through telnet or a browser.
Compare the Netvanta 3200 to Cisco 1700

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Anonymous said...

Just recently installed two of these units for a customer. It was in a point-to-point configuration and included VoIP so I needed to configure QoS. The unit was great. Configuring for the point-to-point circuit was a snap and once the QoS was configured for the voice quality, the end-users could not even tell they were on a voip call. It had cleared the vocie up so much.