Monday, October 16, 2006

Remotely Support Desktops over the Internet

I found a webiste that has a service that allowes you to take control of computer systems over the Internet to provide remote support to end-users. This is not a novell idea or a great discovery but the thing that makes this site and their service speacial is that they don't sneak in additional charges and dont have a complicated billing system for their remote support solution.

Remotely access and control an unlimited number of computers over the Internet using thier remote support software service with one rate. Also, unlike other services that may charge for minutes used or the number of desktops accessed, there's none of that.

Remote Support Software

Remotely connect to and control as may systems as you need to. You could even change the computer you providing remote support from. There's "license" attached to any particular system. Change as you need to. There are even other sites that sell a program that has you networks IP address "burned" into it.

Thier system is dynamic in that if your location that you provide remote support from changes, you just make a simple change in your user page to accomodate for. The software that downloads to the remote computer autmatically "knows" of the change and tries to connect for remote desktop support using the new configuration.

PC Remote Support Software

There a various vendors of pc remote support software that offer static solutions. Ther are even others that provide the tools to allow you to build your own remote control program. What these sites to is create an executable program for you that packs in an IP address that the remote control softwar that downloads to the remote computer uses to connec to. This works fine but what if you IP address changes or you need to provide PC remote support from a location other than the one that the program was created for - this is a problem. Remote PC support software should be as dynamic as the worl that's being supported. Desktops change all the time, networks change all the time. How can a support program not change too.


Steve said...

I signed up this site for an evaluation account. So far it works pretty good. They even provide you the ability to send someone your trying to help a ermote support link using email. It's sor of an invitation email. When the use clicks on it a page opens that has a connect button on it. They don't even have to log in. When they click the button, software downloads to the remote computer and connects back to mine. I have complete remote control of the desktop at that point. It's pretty cool and the pricing is great, one flat rate.

Anonymous said...

I tried it too and this works great for remote control over the web.

I can do remote desktop support to all my client's computers through the internet without an extra charge per computer. With my one account I can access and control as many computers As I need to.

Anonymous said...

I just tried it and it works great. They even give you an executable to use from yoru own site if you prefer.