Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Supporting tech-nol-o-gy. Yep, that's a computer alright.

Nevermind about the fact that this bl0gger happens to have my name. Maybe I'll have to have a talk (email) with him/her about that. There could be only ONE!

There are some pretty interesting and cool p0sts on this bl0g. The guy actually posts about equipment that he comes accross while doing his tech support job. The computing equipment varies. Sometime is could be dekstops then servers or networking equipment like Adtran routers which he has a nice post on.

He even has some posts on software, registry hacks and even has some software reviews. I particularly liked the one that compares GFI Faxmaker with Captaris Rightfax. These two software packages are on opposite ends of the cost scale but also on the opposite end of features too.

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RudeAwakening said...

FaxMaker makes good low end faxing. Captaris has some really nice softwae.great integration with active directory and APIs.