Saturday, February 16, 2008

VMware Boot From ISO Image


One of the nice features of VMware workstation is the feature that gives the user of the the software the ability to boot from an ISO image. This is a great feature and another display of some of the great thought put into this application.

If the computer on which VMWare workstation doesn't have a DVD player for example, the ISO image stored on the hard-drive of the host computer or on a network drive can be used to start the installation. The ISO image is read and if it's the installation media for Vista for example, the installation begins.

The guest operating system once installed and during the installation doesn't even "know" that's it's being run virtualized. This is a wonderful feature of VMWare workstation and I often find myself asking why didn't this solution come out many years ago as it's a terrific aid for testing and support of applications. With seperate operating sytems, virtual of course, tests can be run much easier as there's realy no restore to perform or drive swapping like in the old days to bring the system back to a state for a re-test.

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Jack "The Hack" Dugan said...

Dude, you rock. Thanks for the post and the information I was looking for. Keep the posts coming and the support to. I do desktop and server support too and there's always something new happening. It's great.

jeff read said...

Any tips on running a virtual machine from a external USB drive?

I use vmware all the time. It's a great solution for support and for testing out applications or keeping a box for only a specific task. The best thing is that you could make a change but with snapshots you can always go back to pre-changes.

Anonymous said...

It's so true. Vmware is so useful for support of desktops and servers.

Running a virtual machine from a usb drive I found to be slow. I tried an external SATA drive with USB 2.0 and it was still slow. It may have been my hard drive enclosure but it wasn't so much the VM that was running slow but the workstation client software that was running slowly making the VM and host machine process at a crawl pace. I was using VMware workstation 5.5 so maybe this has been. Improved in 6.0.

Anonymous said...

I think 6.0 vmware guests on xp don't have this problem.

Anonymous said...

I use 6.0 ACE opf vmware workstation on my windows XP desktop.

just me said...

I use VMware all the time. I never tried in on a Mac but knew there was a version that would run on a MacIntosh computer and a guest XP desktop cane be hosted. I recently was at a customer's office which has several Macs one of the Mac's had VMWare installed, the Mac was the host operating system XP was the guest. The user was having trouble connecting the the server from the virtual XP machine. He could ping the servers fine, access the Internet, but could not access the network servers running windows. This was a strange problem and the error message read something to the effect of "the network name could not be found" or the "network resource is no longer available". It turned out to be that for whatever reason, the guest operating system, the XP virtual machine, had to be in NAT mode with the host Mac and not it bridged mode. Hope this helps someone who has a similar issue.

gt-tech said...

I just upgraded two VMware hosts using I so remotely. I didn't have to onsite to he clients office. Did it completely remotely using remote support software and the remote console of iLO