Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cheap Data Switches with Gigabit Ports.

This is a nice network switch, model SRW2024, which I have had the opportunity to install at customer's offices. 24 switch ports and each can do 10/100/1000. Even if you don't have much need for GB networking to the desktop right now. Most all desktop being shipped now have Gb network cards installed in them. Every server I have seen has gigabit network cards as standard. Great bang for the price. Netgear makes some good switches too. I'll get a review in as soon as I can. I'm waiting to checkout some of their new gear.

These switches were added into a proposal to replace 2 48 port Cisco switches that cost over 10,000.00 dollars. These were way cheaper and can do VLANs.
More Features:
  • The switch brings gigabit ethernet speeds affordably to your network, addressing the needs of high bandwidth applications and those of power users
  • Increases internal network security; user control is secured via 802.1x port authentication and MAC address filtering
  • Enables the entire connected network to be optimized for networked applications, including voice, video and data storage
  • Provides intelligent traffic management with rate limiting, policing, shaping, and multicast support
Comes with WebView ready to use. It is a browser based configuration utility that makes it easer to deply and use some of the advanced features.

For computer remote control software for online desktop remote control and web based pc remote support, there are alternatives to the brand name products that give techs a tool and utility to for providing support to clients and end-users remotely.
Many remote support products require the tech to use the same computer to provide remote support from and if chanegd will require another purchase. Others require them to use the same network and if they need to change, charge them to change the network. A hostname can be used but then that leaves the tech vulnerable for another layer of the solution that could go give them a problem in the future.


MrTechSupport said...

I've used these switches many times for customers and for the price, they are reliable, efficient networking hardware.

The network speed is great. They don;t hang up and require restarts like some other data switches in their category. Netgear has done a nice job with this switch. Thanks for a great post.

Jack Walsh said...

I used this switch so many times I've lost count. It's a great eprformer with a great price.