Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Multiple Calendars On BlackBerry Handhelds

Blackberry handhelds at least the ones I've seen that operate with a Blackberry Enterprise server and run with on Java platform (4.x), do not and cannot display multiple user's calendars. I'm holding one of the blackberry handhelds in my hand right now that wasn't able to nor could it currently display any calendar but my own (there is a hack method from what BB support told me be it doesn't work 100% right, it is not smooth to update, and they do not support it).

It's a very useful feature to have on a PDA, the ability to view several different shared calendars. I've seen the setup at attorney's offices. The calendars are made up of not a persons own calendar but those of various court calendars. Since many attorneys, at least in my neck of the woods, don't present their cases in just one court or in one location, they often go to several different court houses. Having the calendar for each of the various court houses and having them update automatically through the wireless network ti the PDA, like Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, etc., let's them be more productive and efficient.

I've both seen and setup multiple calendars through the use of public folders on Exchange where each court is a folder of calendar type. One attorney's office had their lawyers on 5 separate calendars. The girls in the office could update their schedules and they would get them almost instantly. This was done with PDA' that had a windows operating system on them.

Another attorney office which I support wanted to do the same but they had already purchased Blackberry handhelds as their PDAs. Well, when asked to setup exchange in their office and a blackberry enterprise server with the goal of setting up multiple calendars, I found out that it can;t be done. So the bottom line is currently blackberry handhelds even with a blackberry enterprise server cannot display multiple calendars on the handhelds. It was stressed by blackberry support that this feature may be added in the future but as of right now, BB Enterprise server version 4.1, it can't be done.


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Anonymous said...

That's really a feature that Blackberry enterprise server could really use. After talking with one of their support engineers, I found out that they are looking to add the ability to have multiple calendars in a future release of the Blackberry server product line but when and which future version no one really knows.

Thanks for the post!