Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A fun packed day - here's the list.

There's more but can't remember and rather forget.

Today also brought about:
- A firewall config change for a customer.
- Checking over a Cisco router config for another company that's adding a frame-relay network to a custoemr's network.
- Picking out some Adtran gear for sales people in our city office.
- Remote control of a sale persons laptop in our city office to fix their email software program which of course they don't know how it broke.
- Scanning a remote office from a custoemr's main office trying to find a computer system that another support group claims is dropping packets when pinging a server at the main site.
- Changing of user passwords on a domain.
- Creating email accounts on an exchange server.
- Selecting BRI modules for our LAB's ATLAS 550.
- Trying to figure out in my head how I'm going to replace core routers at a customer's main bank office with destroying their business.

This was a regularly busy one.


Puppet said...

I have to add that I was told to call a custoemr that had a problem with an access point. A linksys. None of the 4 computers that were connecting to it yesterday could connect today. Well I call and get a similar story from the customer but say I need to call tomorrow. Some of you must have had similar situations. The call comes in as very urgent and then the customer says could you call back - so much for urgent.

Anonymous said...

This happens too often. We have to stop what we are doing because of false alarms.

Anonymous said...

It's a big waste of time. Everything is not an emergency. It's probably the linksys anyway. I prefer d-link for small applications.