Saturday, January 07, 2006

Had to let the customer know that may be he needs to find another add-on or software.

Well I had to tell the customer that the add-on for the domain didn't work and even though I was sure that I did it right I had to play along when he said that the rcontrol.exe had to be in the %systemroot% (like winnt or windows) and not in the systemroot/system32 folder. He said so it could be in the path. Well, as much as I wanted to educate him that systemroot/system32 is in the path and that I had out it in the right place since and I was sure cause i just had done it, I let it go. Said I would try again and get back to him. He has multiple site and this tool would be usefull as remote support software to remote support pc systems and provide remote desktop support. I just haven't heard or at least know of anyone who has deployed it on their network and computers.

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