Thursday, January 19, 2006

The new module is here!...The new module is here!... Computer remote control over the Internet

The new module is here! . . .  The new module is here! . . .

The module for my lan equipment has arrived and I have it in my posession. I just need to work my way through some surrent technical problems on our old citrix server and some customer support issues. Once that's done, maybe I could start figuring out the frame-relay / ISDN problem.  I need to figure out the whole thing from scratch. It's bad enough I don't do cisco everyday but ISDN rarely. The kicker as I stated in prior posts is that I'm bringing down this bank - from the main location to every branch will be affected. This is currently and will continue to be nerve racking.

On to the citrix printing situation. There always seems to be a citrix printing situation. It would be great is I could get this done using  Computer remote control over the Internet. The new server is creating desktop session printers ok. The old server which had not had anything changed on it has a problem with printers since the new 4.0 when online.  The end-user computers that are starting the published app don't have their printers mapped.  

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Anonymous said...

nice. the sorst thing about remote control a computer over the web is once the connection is established, since the connection is on the itnernet and we have no control over the speed or the path the data takes to get from one system to another there is always the insatace where all is going well then all of a sudden there comes a lag in the display.