Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Packeteer reports

Downloaded a bandiwdth usage report from a 6500 packeteer that was at a custoemrs main site. Looking to get the 2500 series packeteer connected up to my network so I could get the reports from it. The 2500 series was at the same custoemr remote office in connecticut office.
A little problem with the packeteer as far as reports go is the fact that with the year roll over from 05 to 06, the only way to get data for let's say a 2 week period from 05 is by command line. The GUI interface doesn't generate anything, not even an error, when selecting 2 weeks from the prior year. I think one of the things on the GUI that needs to be fixed to allow this is a field need to be added for the year when selecting a period of time the report should be run.

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MrTechSupport said...

Hey, would you have an example of what the bandwidth report looks like?

I would usefull to see an example report from a real live network. Even if you were to go to packateer's website, they would have some nicely cleaned up reaports if they were even real to begin with.