Friday, January 06, 2006

rcontrol.exe for Windows AD

I tried this tool out that's provided by Microsoft. It's just an add-on tool for computer remote control in the domain. It's supposed to enable an on demand remote control option in the context menu in AD computers and users. Well, I installed it and it did modify the domain/forest shema and added the menu item when I right clicked on the computer. I didn't do anything. I of course followed the directions on how to install and met all the criteria for desktop and server and yes I added the rcontrol.exe to the target systems %systemroot%/system32/ folder. Oh yes, I nmade sure that the target system had RDP running and enabled. At first I didn't put any user names in the list of allowed users but then added tha domain admin account. It made no difference. I was able to RDP to the computer withg no problem but when I tried to use this add-on, it didn't fly. Maybe someone has it running on their domain but my first shot at it didn't go so good. I must say I was real scheptical it would even owrk because I have not heard any buzz anywhere over it.

There some registry changes that could be made that once running on your network enables you to tweak things a bit. Things like screen size, heigh, width, enabling console connection or not and a few others.
Found a short article at that has the reg keys and what they do

It has to work first.

I'll ad more to this post when I get around to trying again.

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