Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some articles about computer support software from

Some of these actually are from the way past, yes 7 or 8 years ago.

Some of you guys (and girls) who were out there supporting systems back then like I was actually have used some of the old products referenced.

Symantec's Pcanywhere Is First Remote Control Software To Support Windows' Millennium - Product Information

EDP Weekly's IT Monitor, 10/9/00 · 1 page · More from publication
Software enables remote PC control and monitoring
Run on Windows 98/2000/XP/20003, Remote Desktop Control enables user to remotely view monitors of other users in network and access PCs to launch programs, ...

Product News Network, 12/15/05 · 1 page · More from publication
Beefed Up Remote Control - Software Review - Evaluation
CrossTec Corp's NetOp Remote Control 6.0 is a powerful remote-control suite offering more features than better-known competitors such as Raxco's Remotely ...

ENT, 9/22/99 by Stephen Swoyer · 1 page · More from publication
PC management, remote control
NetSupport Manager version 9.0 includes new features that enable systems administrators, technical support managers and telecommuters to remotely access, ...

Health Management Technology, 4/1/05 · 1 page · More from publication
Remote Control Software Supports NT 4.0 - Artisoft announced CoSessionRemote 32 8.0 - Product Announcement - Brief Article
Artisoft Inc. (Tucson, Ariz.) announced version 8 of CoSession Remote 32, software that enables users to access and control remote PCs. The new version ...

ENT, 2/4/98 · 1 page · More from publication
Remote-control software grows up
Tried-and-true remote-control software has become an indispensable network technology and vendors are building new security and management features around ...

Network World, 8/5/02 by Greene, Tim · 1 page · More from publication
Remote control - Network access and management products - CrossTec's NetOp Remote Control 7.5 - Brief Article
Remote control. (Network access and management products).(CrossTec's NetOp Remote Control 7.5)

Communications News, 1/1/03 · 1 page · More from publication
Netopia Announces Version 8.5 of Industry-Leading Timbuktu® Pro for Windows; New Features Make Remote Control and Support Software Easier to Use and
EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- Netopia, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NTPA), a market leader in broadband gateways and service delivery software, today announced the availability ...

Business Wire, 8/31/05 · 1 page · More from publication
New electronics help Safeline get connected: explorer software/hardware package for metal detectors maintains networks, enables remote diagnostics and
New electronics help Safeline get connected: explorer software/hardware package for metal detectors maintains networks, enables remote diagnostics and more.(Technology Spotlight)

Food & Drug Packaging, 2/1/05 · 1 page · More from publication
Users control remote PCs
A start-up is launching an appliance that lets help desk staff take control of remote computers without the time-consuming tasks of installing and maintaining ...

Network World, 10/17/05 by Greene, Tim · 1 page · More from publication
Remote pings and remote control
GEARHEAD INSIDE THE NETWORK MACHINE Regarding last week's look at PingPlotter from Nessoft, we should have noted that the release of the next version, ...

Network World, 9/5/05 by Gibbs, Mark · 1 page · More from publication
Software delivers remote server management solution
Used with IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) v2.0-compliant KVM-over-IP client software, KVM-over-IP remote management technology enables ...

Product News Network, 9/2/05 · 1 page · More from publication
Remote Access Via Software
Setting up an IPsec VPN is the most common means of providing remote access to corporate applications and resources. As we point out in this story, SSL-based ...

PC Magazine, 8/19/03 by S. Jae Yang · 1 page · More from publication
Vector begins offering its new Internet gateway solution - PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control 8.0 - Brief Article
INTERNET BUSINESS NEWS-(C)1995-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD UK-based desktop management solutions provider Vector Networks Ltd has launched version 8.0 of its PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control produ

Internet Business News, 5/21/03 · 1 page · More from publication
Remote possibilities: not in your office? remote control software make it simple to access your computer
Symantec's pcANYWHERE32, Traveling Software's Laplink and Microcom's Carbon Copy 32 are three popular remote access software. They allow access to one's ...

Entrepreneur, 11/1/97

You could see more at - there's like 12 to 12 more pages of this stuff.

My articles are in there too somewhere - not bragging or nothing . . . :)


Anonymous said...

I can remember when PC Anywhere was king and their best competitor was carbon copy. I even remeber when carbon copy was the leader.

Anonymous said...

I remember using some of these old packages with dial-up. So many techs don't even know how it was before the internet. I also remember doing remote support using pc anywhere for remote control over dial-up. The worst was making the software dial back. It worked though. It tool a long time but it did the job. That was the closest thing to on demand as you could get once unless the office the computer was in was right next door and you could just walk to it.

Roger Herring said...

It's hard to believe that old 16 bit dos based software even worked.

Puppet said...

I can't belive it but today I was at a customer's office to do some unrelated computer work - to work on some desktop problems. I saw they had an ancient version, like version 7 or something, of pc anywhere running on an old pc system. I was dialing out somewhere and sending data. It was at least reasurring to see that they weren't using it for remote control of another computer somwhere and over dial-up no less. Some people just don't go for change to easily.

I wasn't that long I posted the stuff from findarticles. I though I would see old version of the softwares mention for at least a while but there it was. So I just had to add it the post.