Saturday, April 08, 2006

Benefits of Online Remote Access PC Support.

Online PC Remote Support Software

The cost saving benifits of remote control software are easily calculated. Anyone can derive from the use of remote support software the numerous advantages from just the description of such software. Online PC remote support software permits the remote control of computers on the Internet. By gaining access and control of a remote computer for support, countless tech support functions can be performed so much quicker than by having to visit the site or office or attempt to diagnose and solve problems over the phone. As is the case often, the tech may know what the problem is but guiding an inexperienced computer user or even worse, an unwilling participant, to click on different windows and menus and then communicate information back to the tech support person on the phone often makes what could be 10 support session turn into 5 times that amount of time.
Remote control desktops over the web through the internet can save precious time and from a business aspect that means dollars. Efficiency of support staff increases many fold and remote control software or on-demand remote desktop support solutions cost much less than adding salaries.

Remote Support Software

Many of the major hardware and software vendors are using on-demand remote support software to increase their profit margins and stay competitive within their market segment. Vendors such as dell, Cisco, hp, and others are committing large amounts of money into online remote support solutions but in the end, save many times what they spend (almost forgot to mention Microsoft - RDP?). RDP for remote control is also one of my favorite solutions for PC remote control over the web. The problem I have with it at times is the need to have access and control of the networking equipment at the remote side to make the chnages needed to allow the applications communication through to the inside network. Although, I must add that dell dropped it's remote support solution after having some great complications with it. They may have been too early to adapt such a strategy and the pc os platform was switching from me to 2000.


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