Sunday, June 25, 2006

Remote Support Software

Livemeeting is more than conferencing and collaboration software. Microsoft has released a new version of their online meeting software. What many people don't klnow, is that not only do you get a high quality, top-noch program for online conterences for product demonstations and demos but tech also get a tool for providing web based desktop and server support through the web.

Help desk remote support system that lets technicians, application support specialists, developers, engineers, etc., remote control for remote support any PC anywhere on the Internet or a local (LAN or private WAN) network anywhere within your organizations network infrustructure and even over virtual networks such as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or virtual computers (such as VMWare or VirtualPC). It works on-demand in only seconds for faster delivery of pc remote support software.

Allows you to quickly view the desktop (or desktops) of remote client computers and to provide them with fast, high quality support within a minimal amount of time. A remote technical support and training or software demonstration tool that raises the standard of standard support and assists greatly in reducign support costs.

Specializing in
remote support software enabling online remote support, computer remote control software, remote assistance and online customer support. Provide online computer remote support to customers or employees. Web based desktop remote support to remote control and support PC desktop computers and server anywhere over the Internet.

Providing online pc remote control software for support call centers and helpdesk groups. Provide support to your employess, customers and/or clients using pc remote control - it's an effective and simple and effective support method for clients and users to have confidence and comfort with your remote support and technical knowledge (expertise).

PC Remote Support

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PC Remote Support

Remote desktop control and management through web based online remote pc control software for support and help desk professionals. Useful and simple remote desktop and support software that requries no activex add-on installations into the web browser (that are stopped by pop-up blockers and confuse average computer users). With remote access solutions for small and large tech support businesses, VARs, systems integrators, information technology consultants, etc., and providing full featured software for remote desktop support.


Anonymous said...

Supporting computers remotely is the only way many small businesses can keep their heads above water. The reason is simple, when you are able to remote into a computer and fix the problem, it means less time traveling and which then in turn means you can get more computers fixed.

Puppet said...

I can't work without my software that gives me access and remote control of my clients computers through the web. I don't know how I managed before without software that gives me access like this. I don't even want to know either.

I connect to dozens of computers a day remotely to provide support and assistance. Sometimes the problem is a quick fix or someone just needs to see how a feature works on their application but other times I need to troubleshoot problems and figure out why something isn't working on the desktop or server.