Monday, January 09, 2006

Another virus removal day.

Computer Support - Adventure (Rated PG)

One of the best and commons lines from desktop end-users, "I was just doing a search then all of a sudden ...".
Well, the search address field keeps a history and the search field had in it
We'll, as we all know, that's all it takes. Click on one of those sites that come up in the results and most all of them are going to dump some piece of software on the system and make it come back when rebooted and download more and make the system run slower, etc.. You all know what happens. But they don't know what happened - of course not.

Spent an hour and a hlf cleaning another machine and getting their anti-virus/anti-adware/spyware software working again. Had to re-download and re-install that - some kernal error when starting. That software might get a post of its own. It's Eset. Really didn't know much about it 'till I saw it today. It didn't look bad and had protection against alot of stuff.

I ran it afterwareds one I got it working agian and it did pick up on some stuff that ad-aware se missed. Didn't update ad-aware se though so it may have been running an older version. I just ran what was on the computer already plus I brought in hijackthis and ad-aware se. It seemd to do the trick. Using my on demand remote control pc support software to get remote access for desktop remote support was out of the question since the computer was taken of line.

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Anonymous said...

This happens all the time to me. I spend sometimes hours cleaning a desktop from all kinds of malware and the user doesn't know how it got there. They ssay they were just on their regular sites.