Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Citrix printing nightmare.

Computer Support - Adventure (Rated PG)

Added a second Citrix server to our network. The old one ia presentation server 3.0 and the new on is 4.0. Both are running 2003 server but the new is SP1 and the old doesn't have a service pack yet. everything seemd to have gone ok. One of the published apps is an old windows app and needed some reg hacks to work right. For some freak reason with a resolution to the problem still undetermined, session printers for client connecting to the old citrix server don't show in the application. They are listed on the server but not on the desktops. This is a big problem. Hacked away at it for a while today and got nowhere.

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Anonymous said...

printing through Citrix is always a pain to maintain. Citrix had improved their printing engine and features greatly but it's hard to keep up with all the printers that are available and of course since often they are connected to desktops , the desktops often are the cause to many of the printing problems but with Citrix placing such a layer over the problem it's hard to see that right away unless it a problem that stands out easily like the printer is off line - but no, a end-user would never do that....