Tuesday, May 23, 2006

After all the warnings about using Kentrox Q-Series

I have to take some of the negativity back regarding the kentrox q series router. After all the warnings about getting these units for VoIP, it turns out my company purchased several more for a customer who has two NEC Aspire phone systems, one each located in their offices in Washington and the other in Texas. The telephony systems ahve VoIP capabilities and the two systems will be networked for extension transferres and centralized voice mail. I had to get them up and running behind XO's IADs that they installed on the customer premises. I setup remote access to both units in case I had to access them over the web - and I did.

They've improved the graphs a great deal and the speed the graphs are produced. The scale for bandwidth usage is changeable for their x and y axis and the bandwidth graphs if clicked can be opened their own window. They actually seem faster when updating pages or moving from one screen to another.

Although I didn't check their site to see if they have change the cpu or supporting chips they definitely seemed quicker. I don't know how they will work for VoIP since in this case we are connecting the two offices through a VPN and QoS is out the window. The desktop connected to each of the networks just fine though and quite speedily. The IT guy at the office used remote desktop to connect in to the Florida office and said that the connection seemed quicker. Maybe Kentrox has been getting feedback about some of the inadequacies of the previous generation of units and has made some nice improvements.

Graphical QoS reports show application performance and traffic trends at a glance.

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Remote Guy said...

I've used the new kentrox Q-Series. They have done some nice updates o nthe unit. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I still preffer Cisco where applicable and if the customer can spring the extra cash for them. Kentrox does make a nice affordable unit for desktop internet access, VPN applications, and point-to-point solutions.

Brian "The Hack" said...

I've used these. They're ok. A little slow but I have to see the new version. I heard they have a better cpu.