Friday, June 16, 2006

Reliable Technical Support

I came across this site and started quickly reading/scanning the pages contained within and saw there were a number of links, good articles, and useful information. I noticed that one of the items listed was a online remote support software solution that I have signed up for. So I figured why not throw in a post.

The software for remote support is pretty good as an online solution for remotely supporting computers through the web and as an alternative to the more pricey brand names of remote support. The service is reliable for remote controlling computers over the web for support. Yes, it's an affordable remote support solution. Solutions for remote desktop support consist of products and online services that range from a little application to full blown, require dedicated server type solution that's costs thousands upon thousands of dollars per user or seat. This solution for remote online remote support is pretty inexpensive. One of the newly added features consists of allowing their users to send a remote support email link right from their site - while your logged in of course.

The feature list isn't tremendous compared to the more pricey well known solution but if it's remote control over the web you need, that's what you get.

Remote Desktop Support Software

Too many packages and solutions for remote control support that are available offer their service or product with maintenance fees and hidden charges. At one time I even remember seeing a site that charged per usage and another that charged by the minute. That's easy grey area for contention as there are ways that the information provided could be misleading or incorrect.

PC Remote Support

This site has a single flat rate and no charges for changing support computers or networks. The appliance based remote support solutions are nice too as they offer the fact that you own your solution for supporting computers. This is nice but you will pay forever the maintenance fees for the appliance and if you don't, you get no updates or support if there's a problem - you may own it but you'll never stop paying for it.


Web based PC Remote Support

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rudeawakening said...

Hey, this site does have some nice links, good articles, and useful information.
Their remote support software solution works great. It's hard to believe that even at the low price, it works. For techs it's a pretty straight forward setup. Easy to understand and get running. I had my account working in minutes. For others who are maybe more of the software developer types. You know they could code the white off rice but mention anything about networking and do a freeze like the one on the ancient Parthenon.
The software can remote control computers quickly.