Thursday, May 24, 2007

Desktop Remote Support Software

Desktop Remote Support Software

Supporting multiple desktops dispersed in a large geographical areas is challenging. In some cases, the geographic area the remote desktop computers are located are beyond the techs local or immediate area, they're globally spread out. I have posted some of the advantages remote tech support in the past (another post about supporting desktops remotely and another of pc remote support software)

Desktop remote support software provide for efficient access to desktops connected all over the world. Desktop remote support software give tech support the reach they need to connect to and provide the remote support of software applications and computer operating system support. Desktop remote support software inherently gives control to the technician enabling them to have the same desktop access as if they were right in front of the computer desktop performing the same tasks to solve the problem or add features or software to the remote desktop PC.

Often, desktop remote support software requires the end-user to give permission to the remote technician. This is a security feature built into many such applications for obvious desktop security reasons. One of which is to not enable a tech to access a computer with out the users knowledge. Other application of desktop remote support software has end-user acknowledgement as an option and often it's turned off allowing a technician to provide remote desktop support during off-hours, without the consent or knowledge of the remote desktop user.

This type of desktop remote support software is usually installed by a technician while on site or remotely as well. The installation will consist of a service being added to the computers list of service running ion the background and will also have a taskbar icon associated with it. This would be in fact the only indication that the desktop remote support program is installed at all particularly if the notify the desktop user of a remote desktop connection option has been turned off to the tech support group or person.

While there are many desktop remote support software and options, anyone can concede that the best way to provide remote support to desktops connected to the Internet anywhere is via desktop remote support software.



Anonymous said...

I'm constantly getting computer support calls in my office that I know if I connect to the computer remotely, I could take of the problem fast without having to travel to the office my client is in. Remote desktop support software makes that possible for me. I love it and would not be without it.

Jack Walsh said...

I alsway use my remoting software to conenct to client machines to avoid having to go to their office or talking them through trying to fix the problem or install softwares or drivers.

MrTechSupport said...

I use several different different version of software for remote support. Some have some feature the others don't but the one with the features may not be as fast. So I just use the one that's going to most appropriate for the support session and customer.

jerry atwell said...

I used so many different product for desktop remote support. There are many products to choose from. Some are pricey but if you shop around you'll find desktop remote support software that's just right for your needs.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs desktop support software. Any tech who supports users needs to have an application to allow them remote access to computers through the web. Remote control is key to saving time, independent of the whether or not it's the company's time or your own. Remote controlling desktops for remote support saves time by not having to travel to a location that has a computer problem. They could connect over the Internet to the other desktop computer and have full remote control of it to provide faster support without having to leave the office or home.

Techs know how it is, since you work in the computer field and everyone you know know that you do, you instantly become the target for questions and requests for assistance. Too often these requests come at all hours and can take up a lot of a tech;s free time.

Desktop remote support software helps save time and still keep clients, friends and family happy by letting you get to their computers without having to make special trips.

Even big pharmaceutical companies like those that stock medicines even Viagra, cialis, lipitor, all kinds of drugs and medications use remote support support software for desktop support. Companies that produce cialis and lipitor, Viagra and other medications have computers too and they also need to be supported just like the rest of us. Cialis and Viagra are special kinds of drugs and although they have special customers they do have to get remote support support too.

the bottom line is that remote pc control for desktop remote support is a great tool and everyone has a version of the programs to use for support. Many fee ones too that aren't so bad at all. They provide the basic functionality that's needed and that's remote control through the web.