Monday, February 12, 2007

Send As and Send on Behalf of Using Outlook and Exchange 2003

Configure Exchange 2003 / 2000 to allow Send As User or Send on Behalf of
To give a user rights to Send As perform the following steps:

This is a common scenario. There's a manager or other employee like a top sales rep that needs to have others send email on their behalf or for them. Rather than having the person who is going to send the email go to their desktop and compose the email to send, they could send email for the other user right from their own desktop.
The surprise here is that although you may have configured full mailbox access in Exchange settings and the user can open the other users mailbox in Outlook on their desktop, the email sent still bounce back with the message stating the user is not allowed to send.That's because it there is another checkbox that needs to be checked to send for another user in the user security tab.

  1. Open Active Directory Users. This doesn't have to be from your Exchange server

  2. Enable viewing of Advanced Features in AD users and computers by licking View --> Advanced Features

  3. Find the user that you would like to have other users have rights to allow someone to send email as them (boss / manager)

  4. Double-click on the user name or id and select the Security Tab which is Typically top right box

  5. Add user that needs to "Send As" and grant them "Send As" permission. Permission change can take up to 15 minutes to go into effect.

    The user may now select "Sent From" in Outlook and the recipient will not be able to tell the email was not really sent on behalf of someone.


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MrTechSupport said...

Thanks for the tip on how to make this work. I looked for a while on the web and although I found more then several sources with some information on how to get the Send As working right, it wasn't as clear and straight forward to the point like your post. Thanks again.